What if you were immortal?

Imagine if you were given a choice to be immortal from this moment on.

What would you do?

You always wanted to build that product, you can build it.

You wanted to be fit as a fiddle, you can be that. 

That book you wanted to author, you can write it.

You wanted to serve the needy, you can serve them. 

That first Million you wanted to make, you can risk everything to make it.

You wanted to travel the world, you can now pack your bags and head off.

Go, do what you wanted to do. You have enough time even if you fail.

What is stopping you now? Was it the unavailability of time that was stopping you? I don’t think it was. It was your inertia to do it. 

While you were staying away from doing it, someone else did.

Cover Photo by Ivan Slade on Unsplash.

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