The Right Place To Seek Happiness

Why are you fixated on the past?

Why are you obsessed with the future?

Why not focus on the “Now”?

You spend a lot of time and energy harping on future outcomes, or past regrets. In the process, you lose the moment at hand.

Some ubiquitous lines that we create and repeat – “I should have done this the other way!” or “What should I do about this in the future?”

We are letting go of the now by looking at our past actions or pondering over our future. Life becomes a grinding misery upon continuous cycles of past-future thought.

Here’s a simple example I use to remind myself to live in the present.

When you’re driving, use the rear-view mirror to look at your past. Continually staring into it is hazardous for driving. Gazing at the horizon of your future is also dangerous for driving. Focus on what’s right in front of you, and you’ll enjoy the drive. That’s the present.

In anticipation of “what will be”, and the regret of “what has been”, you are losing “what is”.

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