Difficult Times and Tuning A Guitar

Ever heard of someone play the Guitar that has gone out of tune? It sounds awkward, sometimes unbearable even. To get the tone and melody back, musicians tense the strings, tighten them. With a certain amount of tension, the right amount of stress the Guitar sounds melodious. The string undergoes pain before it sounds its best.

Everyone goes through trying times. When they appear, they come in bucket loads. Makes you wonder where they were all along? Like uninvited guests, they all show up together at your doorstep.

These trying times form an integral part of your life. Just as a Guitar string is tensed to produce a soothing melody, the tense moments serve as a precursor to joyful ones. The obstacles tune us and prepare us to become better individuals. The troubling times straighten us and polish us. Ultimately we come out of the storm as a changed person, a better person.

Cover Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash

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