Life Is Like Driving Your Car

Your past has a significant bearing on your life. Your life is the sum of all your past experiences and the learning associated with it. How you see and act in the world today is because of your past. It also serves as your library to go back to reflect and ponder about life. You’re enamoured by it. Why?

Because it was once your present.

The key – ‘was’.

No matter how you look at it, the past can never be your present reality. The moment that you have in your hand is all that life has to offer you now. You cannot hold both of them at the same time and go through life. You either reflect on your past experiences or live in the present.

This is like driving. Looking into the rearview mirror and driving is an impossible task. You either look into the mirror, or you look at what is immediately ahead and drive. Peering into the rearview mirror will blind you to what lies ahead – be it life’s small joyous moments or greatest miseries. Looking into the mirror is also hazardous for your co-passengers. In life, this could be members of your family, your Team, or Employees at your company.

Every time you’re stuck in the past for a little too long, remind yourself not to stare in the rearview mirror. It is dangerous for both driving as well as living your life.

Cover Photo by Jack Hodges on Unsplash

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