A privilege – To exercise restraint, and not to judge

Some people are better, and some are not – but why do you say this?

Is it because of where these people are from? The path they have tread, their upbringings and their family background?

Some of these people you say have good habits and some of them not very good.

But who are you to judge them? Have you walked the path that they have? Who knows, for if you would have taken the same approach as them, you may have fared even worse.

Would you then be happy to know that someone ridicules you?

Or, would you feel comforted to know that others would support you and uplift you to become better?

Empathise with others because of their miserable situation instead of criticising them.

Criticism works best only when carried out on oneself; not towards others.

Teach others to be better, help others be better. You are like a doctor who is treating ill patients and nursing them back to health.

Have you ever come across a doctor who judges you when you fall sick? A doctor isn’t there to judge you, but to help heal you. Be like one.

Cover Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “A privilege – To exercise restraint, and not to judge

  1. Awesome post! And I so agree. We should never judge anyone because we don’t know what they’re going through or their circumstances! That’s a great point you made in your post!

    1. Thanks Cherie! Judging someone is indirectly referring to your own character itself. That you make an attempt to conclude about people and things without knowing them completely.

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