Every moment of your life – you split yourself into three parts – the you that was, the you that is, and the you that will be. The you that was – held onto beliefs most of which don’t matter now – made decisions that have led to the you that is. The you that is, – holds on to ideas that seem to matter the most at the moment – is making decisions for the future you.

When you have a great outcome, you’re amazed at your decision-making process. When you have a bad result, you’re shocked at your decision-making process. The past you relied on all the information that was available to make a decision. The present you is also depending on everything that you will ever know in the present moment to make a decision. 

Making decisions is a part of being human. Every moment presents us with choices, and we have to choose. Not choosing any of the available options is also a choice. “Why did I take that decision? Why didn’t I take Option B? It was the worst mistake of my life.” It is pointless if you’re still cursing yourself over something that you did or did not decide on in the past. Apart from drowning in misery, it isn’t doing you an iota of benefit. 

When you made the decision, you made it with all the available information you had with you. You thought about every option you could ever think of and made that decision. So when you have done your best after sweating it out, why blame yourself now?

Often, when you look back at your past self, you feel embarrassed or sometimes even foolish. But when you’ve realised that the old you appears a little silly, why bother too much about him? The old you has a place in your life – the past. Let him stay there.

It is easy to get caught in this trap. Remind yourself – “It was the best way out, or rather, the only way out at that time.”

Cover Photo by Oliver Roos on Unsplash

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