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Imagine for a second - you take your favourite colour and paint the entire canvas with it. Would that be interesting? Or boring?

Imagine if you played the same musical note to compose a 2-minute jig. Would that be interesting? Or boring?

Now, take the ideas/ opinions you worship. You use them as a playbook for life. Is this approach interesting? Or boring?

Like how different colours contrast and complement each other, ideas do the same. A piece of art is beautiful because of the play of colours. An Aria is fiery because of musical notes that complement each other.

When you consider opposing ideas, you begin to see an interesting world. Progress happens when complementing ideas clash.

Often, you will realise there are better ideas out there.

The intersection of ideas is like a crossroads. Would that be interesting? Or boring?

Michelle Phillips on Unsplash
Photo by Michelle Phillips on Unsplash