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What I'm Doing Now

Updated on the 7th of February, 2024.

Bridging the Open Source Gap

Thanks to Derek Sivers' piece on Technological Independence, I just moved my blog from Wordpress and setup a dedicated server. It's cheap, fast, and easy as well. Click on the link if you want to do this too. I'm also taking a leap into trying Open BSD given how much praise it has received for its simplicity and robustness. I wasn't aware of it. I've got my hands onto a 2015 Thinkpad where I'll put this to the test! I'm looking forward to exciting times.

Books I'm Reading

A theme I've recently been attracted to is the long arc of human progress and how this is triggered by curiosity. Based on whatever I could get my hands on I've come to understand Kevin Kelly of the 1000 True Fans fame has been at the cutting edge of talking about this topic. How could he not? He has been mentored and partnered extensively with a pioneer in this field - Stewart Brand whose prowess goes back to the days of the hippie culture when he released The Whole Earth Catalog that Steve Jobs quoted from and immortalized. Stay hungry, stay foolish", was the farewell message from Brand and his team when the final issue of The Whole Catalog went out. Curious to know what makes Kevin and Stewart, Kevin and Stewart, I'm currently binging on the these books:

I'm probably going to end up reading them in parallel and I'll post my notes here soon!